General Assembly of the NARRATE Project Consortium

Berlin, Germany – The NARRATE Project is excited to announce that the General Assembly with all members of the consortium has started. The meeting that began today is taking place until the 16th of May at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK, Berlin. This is the first General Assembly since the Kick-off Meeting in December.

The NARRATE Project, short for “regeNerAtive Resilient smaRt mAnufacTuring nEtworks”, is a three year initiative funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe programme. The project’s consortium is formed by 12 industry leaders from 6 European countries (Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, and the United Kingdom). The innovative manufacturing initiative aims to provide to European ecosystem actors the possibility to timely view and enable a better understanding of the impact of unforeseen events on manufacturing and industrial production; the appropriate technologies to swiftly adapt logistics and production to external conditions, improving the resilience and sustainability of processes; and, to increase awareness around Smart manufacturing networks that are resilient and capable of self-adaptation in response to external threats.

The ongoing general assembly is providing an opportunity for partners to come together, share updates on their respective research activities, and discuss the progress of the project as a whole. Key agenda items include updates on the pilots, planning for collaboration opportunities, and discussions on how to further advance the goals of the NARRATE Project.

“We are thrilled to convene our consortium members for this important general assembly,” said Mike Papazoglou, Technical Manager of the NARRATE Project. “By working together and leveraging our collective expertise, we are confident that we can make significant strides in enhancing overall supply chain resilience.”

For more information about the NARRATE Project and the upcoming general assembly, please follow the project’s LinkedIn Page.

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