NARRATE is an initiative funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe programme.
Industry leaders
European Countries

NARRATE will develop

Intelligent Manufacturing Custodian

A System of Advanced Digital Intelligence for improving Resilience & Production Efficiency

Reducing the risk of disruptions and enhancing business continuity by being forward-looking, anticipating disruption & continuously learning and self-calibrating based on experience rather than simply reacting

Possessing the ability to reinvent the SMN eco-system in response to unanticipated events & disruptions

NARRATE will achieve


improvement in identification of potential risks & disruptions


improvement in time to recover after a disruption


improvement in on-time delivery rate


reduction in energy consumption


improvement in carbon footprint components

Project video


Data Visibility & AI Solutions to Improve Resilience & Production Efficiency
Scope: Designing and implementing a Big Data infrastructure to boost supply-chain resilience, focusing on data visibility and transparency to enhance production efficiency.

Outcome: Achieving end-to-end visibility across the supply chain network, utilising reliable models and AI predictive capabilities to reduce asset downtime, plan for uncertainties, and mitigate disruptions proactively.
Contextualization of SMNs using Advanced Digital Twin Technologies
Scope: Providing a Digital Twin (DT) foundation to offer a comprehensive view of production processes, from product configurator to entire supply chain representation, dynamically linked to operational data.

Outcome: Creating accurate digital maps of the supply chain network using digital twins, combined with advanced analytics and simulations to manage risks better and predict the impact of disruptions.
Advanced Analytics Tools for more Accurate Predictions & Mitigation of Risks & Disruptions
Scope: Leveraging advanced analytics tools synergistically with DTs to provide deeper insights and actionable intelligence for tailored resilience management.

Outcome: Detailed analysis of production segments to predict disturbances, respond to external events, and support partial automation of production processes, improving operational resilience and efficiency.
Building & Validating Smart Manufacturing Networks & Intelligent Manufacturing Custodian
Scope: Constructing resilient Smart Manufacturing Networks (SMNs) controlled by an Intelligent Manufacturing Custodian (IMC) to streamline and automate production processes.

Outcome: Establishment of fully-fledged SMNs and IMC, enhancing production resilience and efficiency across various manufacturing sectors, improving decision-making, and bolstering operational reliability and sustainability.
Societal Impact
Scope: Implementing a smart manufacturing approach to achieve sustainability and efficiency savings, focusing on advanced energy management and circularity principles.

Outcome: Development of smart and flexible manufacturing facilities to improve circularity, reduce environmental impact, and enhance resilience.
Innovation Management, Economic Objectives: Commercialization and Exploitation
Scope: Engaging stakeholders, conducting market analysis, and developing business plans to commercialise project outcomes, including the IMC, DTs, AI models, and algorithms.

Outcome: Market uptake activities and commercialization of project findings and tools, fostering new business models and opportunities for existing and new market entrants, thereby enhancing the capacity of the European industry to exploit smart supply chain resilience and production initiatives.

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